Company description:

The main activity of PLASBET company is the production of plastic parts and components with the use of injection method. We specialize in processing thermoplastic technical materials for clients connected with different branches, such as: motorization, electronics and appliances, by producing high quality components. We do our best to make our counterparties satisfied with our services. Therefore, we provide logistics, on-time deliveries, high quality products, competitive prices as well as professional staff. We hope our products will come up to your expectations. From the concept to the final product. -Creating and developing products. -Choosing the right material. -The production of injection moulds is done with the cooperation of experienced tool-shops from Poland and Middle East. -Processing plastic materials on different moulds (owned or given). -Overmoulding coating of metal/plastic inserts with plastic. -Assembling the components made by us into groups and subgroups.

  • Contact details

    Address: Plasbet
    Częstochowa, 42-200, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 791 470 568
    Tel. +48 34 3248 678
  • Business hours

    Monday 24h
    Tuesday 24h
    Wednesday 24h
    Thursday 24h
    Friday 24h
    Saturday 24h
    Sunday 24h

Contact persons

  • Tomasz Bethier

    Telefon: +48 791 470 568
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